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Why do you need a logo?

A logo is an essential branding element for your company.
It says to the world 'who you are'

Your logo should build a positive, memorable lasting impression on both current and prospective clients. A good logo is both powerful and unique. Your logo should tell a story. Successful logos evoke a feeling and reflect the company's attitude and values. Think of some of the best well-known logos; Target, Nike, McDonalds, Apple etc. The first thing that comes to your mind is the name of the company. This shows how strong an impression their logo and brand leaves in our mind. Some of these logos are very simple. By being simple the logo is made easier to identify and to remember. Another advantage to a simple logo is that it can adapt to many different mediums and also work in its purest form - just black and white. Today it's important that logo's adapt well to social media and the online world.

A logo design is an important part that adheres to a company’s success. Creating a logo to represent your company with an icon requires an outlined process of designing. The process starts off with brain storming ideas and then slowly and steadily it leads to pen down the ideas on paper. Incorporating the design elements and choosing the right colors, font style and size for the logo gives the finishing look to the design. The logo is only the final product. The following processes are all required to yield a successful logo:
Research > Exploration > Refinement > Execution.

Logos are what you see, brands are what you feel. Branding is not about matching pieces of luggage. It is about connections and engagements that endure over time. — very well stated Bill Field.


Gariphic can create a compelling logo identity for your business. Gariphic has crafted many successful logos. Or maybe your current logo has grown tired and needs a refresh, Gariphic can help.




gariphic logo
gariphic logo
Reuben's Deli
Kid in you
WH Septa
Sirois Tool
Tuttle Images
Shoe logo
Magazine masthead
Grocery logo
IAP Fitness
Gallery Salon
Terrene catering
red house marketing
Cape Cod Dawgs
Additive Manufacturing
Still Hill Brewery
Top Shelf Brewery
First Church Logo

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Download this free logo questionnaire to get the process started. By completing this form, you are providing the critical information needed to create your identity design. This will help pave the way to a successful project, assist in bringing your vision into perspective and this build a lasting relationship. 

Logo development
a snapshot of a logo design in progress.
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